Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers shouldn’t be “one size fits all” kind of parties. Every bride is special and unique, so every bride deserves to have a shower that reflects her personality and interests. Trust us, not every bride-to-be wants to sit in a living room playing games and eating tea cakes at her shower…although tea cakes are pretty delicious and we’re sure your living room is beautiful. These five unique bridal shower ideas are perfect for the modern bride, and are sure to create wonderful, lasting memories for everyone involved.

Yoga shower: This type of shower would be fabulous if the bride is healthy minded, or into yoga, meditation, or healthy living in general. Richmond has some fabulous yoga studios, and many instructors will even come to you to lead a session. To make this shower even more special, outfit everyone in Superfun Yoga Pants! These leggings come in bright, whimsical patterns, and will be awesome keepsakes for after the party is over. Refuel and complete the shower by serving local, organic food afterwards, accompanied by presents and festive games of course!

Spa shower: What better way to relax and take a step back from the pre-wedding craziness than a spa day? No bride in their right mind would object to being pampered for her bridal shower, but strongly consider this option if the bride has been extremely overwhelmed with wedding planning, or for type A brides that could use a deep breath or two. You can either treat everyone to a day at the spa, or host spa activities in your own home! Bring in professionals for manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and even make-up applications. Richmond Massage Therapy even offers “mobile massage parties” that would perfectly fit your bridal shower needs. Consider purchasing adorable matching robes for everyone, serving healthy treats, and preparing rejuvenating flavored water.

Beer or wine tasting: With so many incredible vineyards and breweries in the area, you can’t go wrong with this type of bridal shower. Add to the fun by making it a food and beer/wine pairing event! Hardywood Park Craft Brewery has private event space available, and Groovin Gourmets would be happy to put together a delicious tasting menu to go with their fantastic beers. Make it personal and have specialty glasses made just for the occasion.

Dessert/ cocktail party: Have a chocoholic bride, or a bride with a huge sweet tooth? This type of bridal shower would be her dream come true! Order a variety of desserts from Groovin’ Gourmets or from local bakeries, and put together dessert cocktails or dessert wines to complement them. Think cake pops, mini cupcakes, truffles, chocolates, or tartlets; these are small and easy to eat, making them perfect for sampling. This article gives fabulous tips on wine and dessert pairings, and we love these dessert cocktail ideas from Yummly; there’s even a recipe for pumpkin ale floats! We’re sold.

Hiking trip: An active, outdoorsy bride will be thrilled to spend her shower outside and in touch with nature. Arrange a hiking trip, complete with personalized water bottles, and include other fun activities to keep the trip exciting. Riverside Outfitters is a fabulous local company that will guide you through whitewater rafting, paddle boarding, kayaking, rock climbing, and much more. Planning a shower in the winter time? Consider a skiing day trip, or an indoor rock climbing shower instead! Peak Experiences in Midlothian is one of largest indoor rock climbing centers in the United States, and they have plenty of space to accommodate all the guests.

Throw any one of these entertaining bridal showers, and everyone involved, including the bride, will leave feeling even more excited about the big day.



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