5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

It’s every bride and groom’s dream to throw the wedding of the century, and to have guests fondly looking back on their big day for years to come. To make your wedding truly stand out, we believe that’s it’s all about the details, and there is no better way to make your wedding memorable or unique than to have it be a reflection of you and your fiance as a couple. Here are some clever ways to take your “I do’s” from generic to totally you:

Use your interests to inspire your decor: Maggie Richard, owner of event planning, styling, and design boutique Maggie’s Misc Events, encourages couples to incorporate their interests into the decor to make it unique. For instance, “If you like to travel, you can do this by making your table numbers maps of the places you visited, or streets in the home town you both grew up in,” she says. This couple, whose wedding was featured on Glamour and Grace Blog, showcased their love of legos by making customized lego place card holders to look like all of their guests. We also love how this couple, photographed by Annamarie Akins, crafted flower petal holders out of sheets of music to feature their love of music.

Tell the story of how you met: Your guests are coming to your wedding to celebrate your marriage, so there’s nothing they’ll enjoy learning more about than your unique love story. Consider including a timeline of your romance in your wedding program, telling it on your wedding invitations, or making a DIY chalkboard love story. Your family and friends will be touched no matter how you decide to do it!

Showcase your favorite foods: Being that this is one of the only days in your life that is all about you (and your fiance, of course) why wouldn’t you serve your favorite dishes? Your favorite foods can tell a story, represent your background, or flaunt your unique style. For instance, last year, Groovin’ Gourmets’ couple Carly and Fabrizio served rustic European dishes to honor his Italian roots, and many couples choose to serve their favorite casual foods via a food truck late in the evening. Maggie also suggests serving signature “his” and “hers” drinks during cocktail hour. “Consider giving them a fun name that represents you both, or come up with your own drink altogether!”

Include your mother’s wedding gown: Few things will hold more sentimental value than incorporating a fragment of your mother’s dress into your big day, especially if you have a close relationship. Lace or jewels can be removed by a professional without damaging the garment, and can be used in a variety of different ways. Consider using some of the fabric to wrap around the bride’s bouquet, or incorporating some of the lace onto the veil.

Honor your heritage: If you feel a strong tie to your heritage, there’s no better place than on your wedding day to showcase where you come from. For instance, we’ve seen a Jamaican couple include steel drums at their reception, and a Scottish couple incorporate tartan into their color scheme. Another great way to do this is through the food – our chefs have created one-of-a-kind menus inspired by many cultures, ranging from Ghanian to Filipino, and are able to bring practically any heritage to life through food. Contact us for inquiries!

Including any number of personalized details like these will make your wedding intimate, memorable, and incredibly special for both you and your family and friends. For help planning a wedding that is a true reflection of you and your fiance, be sure to contact Maggie Richard.

Photo by Merari Teruel


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