Groovin’ Gourmets has been serving clients and catering events in Virginia with exquisite cuisine since 1999. From day one, we have built our business on dedicated client relationships and word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers. And while we’ve grown to serve a breadth of clientele since our first catered meal, our history is rooted in a simple thought our Founder and President Brandon Bruce had many years ago. After spending five years as a medical sales rep, Brandon was ready for a change and looking to fulfill his entrepreneurial spirit. After thinking about life ahead, one day everything clicked: He knew that if someone created the menus, he could get the business.

And so Groovin’ Gourmets was born.


October 1999: Our catering business began in a home kitchen and took off, predominately providing pharmaceutical lunches. Months later, Brandon knew business was flourishing when he purchased the first official Groovin’ refrigerator (a used household refrigerator). Brandon knew we were busy when the refrigerator was full!

2000: With the company quickly growing, we moved into our first commercial kitchen, where we shared a walk-in refrigerator with a florist. Her roses smelled like lasagna and our BBQ smelled like roses.

2001: We moved into existing kitchen space in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Due to limited storage space, we were capped at catering events with 350 guests. Meanwhile, the office was run out of Brandon’s house at the time, which consisted of an ironing board doubling as a desk.

2002: With business continuing to escalate, we finally moved into a newly renovated building in Richmond’s historic Fan District. With our commercial kitchen downstairs, Brandon lived upstairs, making late-night catering details a cinch!

2005: Brandon purchased a home, and we expanded the office upstairs into his former apartment.

2008: After years catering special events, we added a designated Groovin’ Event Coordinator to our team in order to better serve our clients with full-service event consultation and catering.

2010: We hired a designated Wedding Coordinator and officially established Groovin’ Weddings to provide couples across Virginia with a full-service catering experience solely focused on their wedding’s unique vision and needs.

2016: Groovin’ Gourmets joined forces with Richmond based Feast Catering + Events and their parent company Trolley House Refreshments. Stay tuned for an exciting future!