Affordable Flowers to Include in Your Wedding Day

Affordable Flowers to Include in Your Wedding

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s no different when it comes to weddings. But whether you’re having a casual backyard wedding, a winery wedding, or even a superhero themed wedding (it happens!), flowers are always present, and can often be pricey. To help you cut down on your floral costs, we spoke with two local florists, James Boix, Director of Special Events at Buckingham Greenery, and Jourdan Featherston of Vogue Flowers & Gifts Ltd., about the most affordable flowers to include in your wedding day:

Hydrangeas: These flowers are wonderful because they are very full, and come in an array of colors. James says that while all hydrangeas are affordable, blue and white are the least expensive options, and it just so happens that serenity (a light blue), in addition to rose quartz, is Pantone’s color of 2016! Jourdan also recommends these because they “cover a lot of real estate” and make arrangements full without spending too much money. “I suggest using hydrangeas as your base and sticking premium flowers between the hydrangeas’ petals. This gives you the look of the special flowers while not taking away from the fullness of your bouquet or centerpieces,” she adds.

In season: year round

Stock: These unique flowers are a great way to “add a little height, a little texture, and even a little bit of scent to your wedding,” says Jourdan. Because they don’t have a lot of foliage, she says that stock looks great both alone and with other flowers. The colors range from white, lavender, light pink, buttercream yellow, and deeper shades including what Jourdan describes as “dark eggplant” and “vibrant magenta,” making them perfect to include in weddings with purple in the color scheme.

In season: March through November

Baby’s Breath: Do not underestimate the beauty of this classic filler. According to James, it’s “making a big comeback recently as a standalone flower,” and for good reason! Airy, dainty, and cloudlike, this classic white flower adds a touch of innocence to any arrangement, and even looks amazing bundled as a bouquet. “A big bouquet of baby’s breath makes a beautiful statement.”

In season: year round

Roses: These flowers can come at a good price, provided that your wedding does not fall close to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Jourdan says that, during these holidays, they can double in price, but you should be safe if your wedding is outside of February or May. James says that they’re popular not only for their appearance, but because they come in “colors ranging from white, to hot pink, to dark red, and even the whole color wheel.” If you’re looking to add an air of romance to your big day, you can’t beat roses.

In season: year round

Seeded Eucalyptus: This greenery has a wonderful fresh scent, and the small green buds in combination with the rounded leaves will add an interesting touch to any arrangement. It can also “frame a bouquet ethereally and add a whimsical element to centerpieces,” says Jourdan. “It’s truly a wonderful piece of greenery that is quite cost effective.”

In season: year round

Gerbera Daisy: There’s no way not to smile when you look at these flowers. James describes them as “youthful, fun, and fresh” and including them in any arrangement will add instant cheer and vibrance. Gerbera Daisies come in practically any color you could ever want, making them very easy to include in most weddings, but their bright colors make them especially popular during summer months.

In season: year round

Dendrobium Orchids: If reading the word “orchid” scared you, relax! Not all orchids will cost you an arm and a leg. “A dendrobium orchid on the totem pole of orchids is the most affordable,” says Jourdan, “and you can do so much with them!” She says these elegant flowers are beautiful in modern centerpieces, or wired into a bridal bouquet, and are great for adding a delicate, elegant touch in corsages and bouts. If you really want to turn heads, consider using them in cascading bouquets.

In season: year round

Anemone: Nope, we don’t mean the sea anemone. This beautiful, unique flower sets itself apart due to its spindly nectaries at the center. Although anemones come in limited shades (blues, whites, purples, and light pink), James says that they make an unexpected and unusual addition to all types of arrangements, and are “pretty, delicate, and beautiful in any style bouquet,” says James.

In season: September through November

Lisianthus: Don’t be fooled by the delicate appearance of this large flower. Lisianthus flowers are actually very durable, making them an excellent addition to your big day. “Their romantic petals make them a perfect fit for a vintage bouquet with roses, pearls, and eclectic broaches, but they can also be dressed down with sunflowers, baby’s breath, and fever-few to make simple rustic centerpiece,” says Jourdan. They come in shades of white, pink, and purple, and less commonly in yellow and red.

In season: year round

When bought in season, all of these flowers can serve as gorgeous decoration for your big day, without breaking the bank!  For more great advice and tips, or to plan the arrangements for your wedding, contact our experts at Buckingham Greenery, or Vogue Flowers & Gifts!

Photo courtesy of Buckingham Greenery


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