Beer-Infused Food to Make for the Super Bowl

Beer-Infused Food to Make for the Super Bowl

As hard as it is to believe, Super Bowl 50 is nearly here. While the big game is arguably the most entertaining sports event of the year, viewing parties just wouldn’t be the same without amazing food or beer. This year, we figured that instead of drinking beer and eating food, combining the two and cooking with beer would be an even better move. We spoke with Ben Petty, Sales Manager at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery to get his suggestions on which Hardywood beers would best complement these awesome beer spiked recipes:

Beer Bratwurst: An event as big as the Super Bowl deserves a sausage with more pizzazz than a hot dog, so why not upgrade and serve beer infused bratwurst instead? “Our Give Bock, a German-style Bock beer, is an amber lager with a really nice malt character and caramel notes which will work really well with the big, savory, spicy brat character,” says Ben. We doubt that you’ll have any leftovers, but if you do, they’d also be fabulous in this beer brat and caramelized onion pizza.

Beer Battered Onion Rings: In order to make your Super Bowl meal well rounded, you’ve got to include some kind of vegetable…right? For this dish, Ben says that “An IPA or Pale Ale will both work really well. Our Great Return, a West Coast style IPA, has big citrus and spicy notes which will play off well with the natural sweetness in the onion.” This recipe, which uses Bisquick as the batter base, will make your life super simple.

Bacon Cheddar Beer Cheese Dip: Game days would be incomplete without a bowl of chips and dip on the coffee table. Make your friends extra happy and include bacon, cheddar cheese, and Hardywood Singel into yours this year. “I’d recommend making this with our Singel, a Belgian Abbey style Blonde Ale, because you’ll get a nice tropical fruit character, a bready note, and a pleasant dry finish which will be great with the sharp cheddar,” says Ben. For top-notch snacking, serve with green apples, soft pretzels, and chips…and even those previously mentioned beer battered onions rings.

Beer BBQ Wings: If you don’t eat wings on Super Bowl Sunday, then it isn’t really Super Bowl Sunday. For molasses based sauces like this recipe calls for, Ben recommends Hardywood’s Give Bock. “It will make a fantastic pairing with molasses based recipes because the beer shares similar characteristics to what you’ll already find in the sauce,” including richness and a caramel laced finish.

Beer Brownies: Serving dessert makes for a true party; serving brownies makes for a great party; serving boozy brownies makes for an epic event. Ben recommends Hardywood’s Sidamo Coffee Stout, made using a custom roasted Sidamo coffee from Lamplighter Roasting Company, for use in rich chocolatey recipes like this one. “Our coffee stout will give you nice cocoa notes, and some beautiful fruity character from the coffee. It has some great rich roasty notes, which will work especially well with a dark chocolate brownie,” he adds. Their Raspberry Stout, which will be released February 6, would also produce fabulous results.  

For Sipping: Just because there’s beer in the food doesn’t mean that you won’t need any to wash it down with. “Our Pils would be great because it has broad appeal – if you have family or friends that are really into domestic beers, since most are Pilsner in style, serving this is a great way to get them to elevate their palates in a familiar way.” Ben also recommends Give Bock because “it’s light and easy to drink, and will go over well with Yuengling and Sam Adams drinkers.” In addition to being a great beer, Give Bock benefits FeedMore and their Meal on Wheels program, so you can feel even better about serving it to your friends.

All of the beers mentioned will unquestionably take these recipes from good to great, and can be bought directly from Hardywood, or at your local grocery store. For special events and new beer releases (that would also be great in recipes) be sure to follow Hardywood on Facebook.

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