Delicious Richmond Food Trucks to Have at Your Wedding Reception

Great Richmond Food Trucks to Have at Your Wedding Reception

A new wedding trend has been quickly gaining popularity in recent years, and nobody is complaining about it; incorporating food trucks into wedding receptions is the latest rage, and for good reason! If guests are taking advantage of your bar (as they should) and tearing up the dance floor (as they should), there’s a strong chance that they’ll get hungry a couple hours after the main meal. Integrating a food truck into your reception will satisfy cravings, keep your guests entertained, and make your wedding even more memorable. Here are some great Richmond food trucks to book on your big day:

1. Gelati Celesti: Who doesn’t love a sweet treat at the end of a busy day? Gelati Celesti’s homemade ice cream is top notch, and with super unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else, (hello pumpkin gingersnap) this truck will surely be a huge hit at your reception. It can even double up on plates next to your wedding cake!
2. Carytown Burgers & Fries: There’s simply nothing like a juicy burger to satisfy hunger after hours of dancing and a couple drinks. Carytown Burgers’ truck carries all your favorite burgers, as well as the delicious, addicting fries from their restaurant. Need we say more?
3. Cheezilla: There’s something incredibly special and comforting about grilled cheese. Cheezilla offers classic grilled cheeses suitable for kids, as well as fancier, more decadent creations that foodies could only dream of. Your guests will totally welcome and embrace this gooey, cheesy snack.
4. River City Wood Fire: We don’t know about you, but pizza is at the top of our “Most Delicious Foods of All Time” list, and River City Wood Fire’s pizza is about as tasty as they come. Upon renting the truck, you can choose to serve up to four delicious pies from their menu, or offer something custom made! Given the mouth-watering options, deciding on what to serve may be a difficult task, but everything is so fabulous that you seriously can’t go wrong.
5. Polar Roller: If you go crazy for froyo, including this truck at your reception is a no-brainer. Unlike most, this food truck is self-serve, so your guests can load up their cups with whatever assortment of frozen yogurt flavors and toppings their hearts’ desire. Polar Roller is basically like a portable version of your favorite neighborhood froyo shop, so in essence, happiness is a guaranteed outcome.

Finishing off your night with a food truck is a wonderful way to break out of the traditional mold, and have your guests raving about your big day (and the incredible food!) for years to come.

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