Mardi Gras

If your wanting to celebrate Mardi Gras and can’t quite make it to New Orleans, have yourself a party right here in Richmond. Our weekly special this week is 100% NOLA approved! We are offering chicken and  andouille sausage jambalaya, dirty rice, steamed vegetable medley and freshly brewed sweetened or unsweetened iced tea, and of course homemade king cakes! Each order is only $8.95 per person and our king cakes are $23.95. Call and place an order today then all you need to add to are your masks, beads and music and then you are all set.

Want to make it more fun? Why not source your food from the farmers market. A farmers market in winter? Yup, right down the street from Grooving Gourmets is the Carytown winter market. Every Sunday from 12pm-2pm. In a few weeks the Richmond area explodes with spring and summer markets, various days and hour. Find one close to you and support VA grown.

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