Ways to Keep Guests Entertained at Your Reception

DIY Cornhole

There’s no debate that all brides and grooms want their guests to have an incredible time at their reception. Yes, it’s true that the typical activities like dancing, dinner, and toasts are all great amusement, but what about in between, or for family and friends who don’t enjoy dancing? Adding these activities to your reception will ensure that none of your guests, regardless of their personalities or preferences, will ever get bored.

1.   Lawn games: Cornhole, kuub, and bocce ball are all incredibly fun, simple games for guests of all ages to enjoy. Even if your reception is indoors, these games can easily be set up outside on a patio or sidewalk. You can even customize the boards and pieces to match your wedding theme! For instance, an easy coat of paint and a few stencils can be a fun DIY project, and transform a plain white cornhole board into an adorable wedding keepsake.
2.   Mad libs: All of your guests will have a blast filling these out, but they’re especially awesome for guests who may dislike or be unable to dance. Place a few on each table for family and friends to fill out throughout the reception, and include a cute receptacle somewhere in the room for them to place their cards once they’re filled out. Free downloads are available all over the internet, and reading these after the wedding is over will also provide you and your new spouse with hours of entertainment!
3.   Late night snacks: If you’re serving dinner around six or seven o’clock, chances are that guests will get peckish again as the night goes on. Including late night snacks from your caterer will be a welcome treat for your family and friends. Groovin’s s’mores bar, slider bar, and mac and cheese station are especially popular as evening fare. You could also hire a food truck for something a little different! Refer to our article about our favorite Richmond food trucks for ideas on types of food to serve.
4.   Wedding “I Spy”: This activity is priceless for getting adorable candid shots, and it’s easy to create. All you need to do is write down a list of things you’d like photos of during your reception, (or purchase inexpensive printables!) and distribute them to your guests with disposable cameras. Not only is this fun for family and friends, it’s also great because it ensures that you get specific moments documented. Your photographer may be unable to capture some shots for various reasons, so writing down fun or touching photographic scenarios, such as “Grandma dancing,” or “Groom watching bride from a distance,” will guarantee that you get those photos.
5.   Plan something unexpected: a choreographed dance, fireworks, or different types of performers are always a hit at wedding receptions. We recently attended a wedding with an Irish bride, where she had river dancers do a small performance after dinner was served. Guests absolutely loved it! Include something personal that fits you or your spouse’s interests – after all, your big day should be all about you!

All of these activities will enable your guests to have as much fun as possible, and ensure that they remember your big day as fondly as you do.

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