Wedding Reception Bar Options

Serving alcohol at your wedding lightens the mood, allows your guests to relax, and facilitates a good time. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Luckily, Groovin’ Gourmets has explained all the different varieties and their prices in order to make your decision a little bit easier.

Beer and wine – If you are only interested in serving beer and wine at your wedding, our beer and wine option is a great choice. At Groovin’ Gourmets, this means that Devil’s Back Bone Vienna Lager, Hefeweizen, and Bud Light will be the beer options, and Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon will be the offered wines. The price to have this type of bar for three hours and forty five minutes is $15.95* per person, and your guests can help themselves to as many drinks as they would like.

This type of bar is a fabulous option if you’re trying to provide alcohol on a budget, or if you don’t want your guests getting too rowdy. Just be sure to consider their preferences when deciding. If they usually go for beer or wine over cocktails, then everyone should be very content with this option, and you’ll save a little money by not including the liquor.

Full Open bar – With a full open bar, we’ll provide you with basically everything your guests could get at a commercial bar: a variety of the most popular mid-range liquors, all the beers and wines mentioned above, and an assortment of mixers and garnishes to create all kinds of delicious cocktails. At $19.95* per person for three hours, it is a bit more costly than beer and wine alone, but the variety of drinks available to your friends and family are practically endless.

Since guests will be able to order exactly what they want, full open bars are great for when you’d like to fully cater to them. If, for instance, many people will have to travel a long distance for your wedding, this bar will be a wonderful choice and enable your guests to feel taken care of. Just understand that with this freedom, some of them may indulge. If this is something you’re prepared for, or in favor of, then great! Your wedding is sure to be a blast with a full open bar.

Client supplied alcohol – This is when you supply all the beverages, including the mixers, cups, and ice, yourself. For these bars, we charge a $100* liability which only includes the equipment to mix drinks. However, for $7.95* per guest we can provide the non-alcoholic beverages and mixers.

Supplying your own alcohol is more economical than other options, but it can also be a little tricky. The trade off for saving some cash is the fact that you will have to commit time to figuring out how much to buy, what to buy, how to keep the drinks cold, and how to transport these supplies. Also, if you happen to run out of alcohol during your reception, Groovin’ Gourmets will not be able to purchase more for you due to ABC laws. It can be a viable option for smaller events, but with events like weddings that involve more people and a greater deal of planning, we would recommend serving beer and wine or doing a full open bar.

Still feeling indecisive? We’ve got friendly staff that would love to help you out! Give us a call at 804.868.8900, and Groovin’ Gourmets will be glad to assist you in making your event a huge success.

*Prices are subject to change.

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